How can the Health Home help a potential member?  We will:

  • Link members to medical, mental health and substance abuse services.
  • This includes:
    • Help applying for entitlements like SSI and SNAP
    • Referrals for emergency food resources, legal and educational support services and transportation
    • Assistance with applying for home health aide
    • Assistance and support with completing housing applications including supportive housing
  • Give a member visit reminders and  go with them to their visits.
  • Help members with hospital discharge planning and stabilization after discharge.
  • Assess and assist with psychosocial needs.
  • Conference with member’s doctors and health care team to advocate on member’s behalf and to coordinate treatment planning as well is giving and receiving member progress updates.
  • Set up transportation to and from visits, if needed.
  • Help avoid emergency room visits.
  • Offer crisis intervention.
  • Educate members on how to navigate health and social services.

Want to make a

Complete and send the CHN Health Home Referral Form via secure and confidential email or fax number below:

Fax: 212-725-7766